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What is Sheffield Steiner Group?

Sheffield Steiner Group is an Anthroposophical community group with (very) open doors and a long history in Sheffield and South Yorkshire.

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Community Events and Groups

Sheffield Steiner Group runs many community events and groups, open to all interested. You don’t have to know anything or believe anything, we don’t bite!

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What is Anthroposophy?

Anthroposophy can’t be summed up in short sentences or sound bites, but it emphasises science in spirituality, the human being, and freedom.

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International Resources

Don’t live in Sheffield but would like to learn more? Here are resources that apply all around the globe. To find out your country’s Anthroposophical Society, click here.

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What is Sheffield Steiner Group?

Sheffield Steiner Group is a community in Sheffield based around (but not shackled to) the work and ideas of Rudolf Steiner. Spirituality, Education, Agriculture and Philosophy are just some of the areas and topics impacted by Steiner’s theory.


The ideas cannot be summed up in a short paragraph, but freedom, applying the scientific to the spiritual and the spiritual to the scientific, and simply thinking in spite of modern materialism and consumerism are some key points.


If you are curious, click the button below to read more. Also, Information about Anthroposophy on this site is specifically written to be “impartial” and not to infringe upon your freedom. Don’t be too critical, don’t simply believe what you’re seeing. Think!


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What’s the point?

The world is a mess right now, and if you’ve gotten this far, you probably know that. While we are not saying Steiner can fix every problem in the world, many of his predictions about politics and people nowadays have proven to be eerily true. 

Simply thinking about important things, being more in touch with ourselves as humans, and living in unity with one another are some of the things Steiner presented. At this point you may be thinking “What’s the catch?”, assuming that there is some sinister deal-breaker hiding under the curtain.

But there isn’t. There’s no racism, there’s no cult, there’s no outragous demands of money or time, there’s no expectation of adherence or belief. To read more about how to start “fixing” the world, search “Social Threefolding”

I’ve heard X about Steiner. Is this true?

People have said a lot about Rudolf Steiner. Many of it isn’t true; for example many news articles cite him as a racist, yet don’t cite anything he ever said. There are many things that he said,  that when taken out of context don’t sound the best. This could be done with anyone, and sometimes is.

This is a big topic, but essentially; He argued against racism and was fervently opposed to the Nazis, even though he lived 100 years ago he specifically told people not to reject mainstream science and medicine just to be contrarian, and he also was vehemently against dogma and indoctrination.

Please do your own research, and in the proper places! 

What does this impact?

Anthroposophy impacts essentially everything. It brings new, fresh insights to fields that have possibly laid stagnant or developed in ways that are not the best.

Obviously, we’re not looking for world domination, but if just some of the ideas here can take hold (we think) the world might get a whole lot better.


Why is Steiner’s name everywhere?

In his lifetime, Steiner was very clear about the fact that he did not want to be revered. Revering people over truth is not a very good thing to do. But the question still remains; what else could we do? Sheffield Steiner Group is a group of people inspired by the works and ideas of Rudolf Steiner and others, and we think this is the best name we can come up with. It has a ring to it.

To truly know the world, look deeply within your own being; to truly know yourself, take real interest in the world. Live through deeds of love, and let others live, understanding their unique intentions: this is the fundamental principle of free human beings.

Rudolf Steiner

Upcoming Event Schedule

Borderland Walk – Shireoaks 14th April

  Join us for a  small Springtime ramble around a former pit village with many surprising and beautiful features hidden in its hinterland. Meet on Marina Drive in the village near the marina gates (free parking on road ) at 10.30 am.The  2 mile walk is relatively easy with few

Open House @ Sheffield Steiner Library

  The house at no.78 is now open weekly for ‘community conversations’ Informal chats over a cuppa and arts/crafts sessions. Browse, borrow, and return books to the Sheffield Steiner Library. Please contact us (at sheffieldsteinergroup@gmail.com) to join the library ALL WELCOME!   Sheffield Steiner Library @ 78 Cherry Tree Road

Thinking with the Heart – Living with Meaning and Purpose

  A course of seven fortnightly sessions led by Robert Chamberlain Conversations and creative exercises based on the insights of Rudolf Steiner   Rudolf Steiner, a radical pioneer in practical spirituality, laid the foundations for various worldwide regenerative enterprises – schools based on a ‘head, heart and hands’ approach with

Edith Maryon – The Englishwoman at Dornach

  London-born Edith Maryon (1872–1924) sacrificed her own career to help Rudolf Steiner design and complete his 9m-high wooden sculpture of Christ and the adversaries. She was invited by Steiner to be the seventh member of the restructured Anthroposophical Society’s Vorstand at Christmas 1923. On the centenary of her untimely

The library is open from 5:30-8:00pm every Wednesday

Sheffield Steiner Library

Sheffield Steiner Group has a small library consisting of the books of Rudolf Steiner and related authors. Some of the topics covered by the books are Religion, Education, Esotericism, Agriculture and Philosophy. It is the largest collection of Anthroposophical books in the north of England, and it is open at certain times and events for the public to browse, read, and occasionally borrow. Currently, a contribution is not required but is still welcomed

To find out more about the library, (opening times, books, etc) click the button below. 

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We are currently working on email systems, if you would like to be on the list please email sheffieldsteinergroup@gmail.com