This page is a work-in-progress. It probably won’t be done for a while, but essentially; Sheffield Steiner Group is a community of people who have a common interest in the work of Rudolf Steiner.

It is aided by Tintagel House (Sheffield) LTD, who own this website and also previously owned the Merlin Theatre & Tintagel House.

Sheffield Steiner Group runs many regular groups and events for those interested. There are no requirements to come along to a festival or study group, no obligation to believe or do anything. Everything is done in total freedom, even if that freedom calls people to different paths.




Few people know that the Crucible and Merlin Theatres stem from a common ancestor – the Little Theatre, which was in Upperthorpe. Some of its members broke away in the 1920’s and founded the first professional company in Sheffield, which led finally to the establishment of the Crucible in 1969, the same year as the Merlin.

Arnold Freeman, from a wealthy manufacturing background, wanted to put something back into society. After leaving Oxford University, he decided he would devote his financial resources and considerable energies and talents to setting up and running an educational and social centre in a working-class area, and the city he chose was Sheffield. Early on, Freeman discovered the spiritual and social philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, whom he met in 1923.

However just at the right time, a young man of independent means appeared, Christopher Boulton, who had just finished his artistic studies at the Goetheanum, Switzerland, the world centre of Anthroposophy.

The small group, having now formed itself into a charity, purchased a large Victorian house in Nether Edge. Partly prompted by the fact that Zodiac signs decorated the hallway, (an unusual feature for a Victorian house), they named it Tintagel House after King Arthur’s castle in Cornwall. They were particularly inspired by the legend that each of the twelve knights belongs to a particular zodiac sign, and that together they form one complete community. Only through twelve points of view can one gain a full picture of reality. (As well as sharing a common spiritual life, the Tintagel group also formed an economic community. Its members were accorded a living allowance, democratically decided, and accommodation was rent-free, – an arrangement that continued until it came to an end in 2005).

For many years it became a thriving social and educational centre, with various people offering their artistic and practical skills. Public courses were held, on Anthroposophy, painting and eurythmy (a harmonious art of movement) and the various festivals of the year were celebrated throughout the year.

Due to the spiralling costs of building maintenance and repairs, it became increasingly evident that the work could not sustain itself, despite the income received from renting out its spaces, and all the practical and financial support freely given by its many friends. In 2005 the site was placed into the hands of a sister charity, the Ruskin Mill Trust, for its educational work with children and young people with special needs. By 2017 the theatre was being completely refurbished. An exciting new chapter was beginning. It has now become a community venue again.

A lively public programme of Anthroposophical weekly study groups and monthly talks and workshops still continues – independently now – under the auspices of the the Anthroposophical Society Sheffield, otherwise known as the Sheffield Steiner Group.

This is an excerpt from a free booklet about the history of the group and the people you can find at No. 78.





The People

We are working on our “Biography” pages, they should be out at some point in 2024, watch this space!

The Place

Currently, the events mostly take place at the centre at No. 78. More major events are sometimes hosted at the Merlin Theatre, alongside the occasional event on zoom. Every now and then, events are also held in different places around Sheffield.


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