Borderland Walk – Shireoaks 14th April

  Join us for a  small Springtime ramble around a former pit village with many surprising and beautiful features hidden in its hinterland. Meet on Marina Drive in the village near the marina gates (free parking on road ) at 10.30 am.The  2 mile walk is relatively easy with few

Open House @ Sheffield Steiner Library

  The house at no.78 is now open weekly for ‘community conversations’ Informal chats over a cuppa and arts/crafts sessions. Browse, borrow, and return books to the Sheffield Steiner Library. Please contact us (at to join the library ALL WELCOME!   Sheffield Steiner Library @ 78 Cherry Tree Road

Thinking with the Heart – Living with Meaning and Purpose

  A course of seven fortnightly sessions led by Robert Chamberlain Conversations and creative exercises based on the insights of Rudolf Steiner   Rudolf Steiner, a radical pioneer in practical spirituality, laid the foundations for various worldwide regenerative enterprises – schools based on a ‘head, heart and hands’ approach with

Edith Maryon – The Englishwoman at Dornach

  London-born Edith Maryon (1872–1924) sacrificed her own career to help Rudolf Steiner design and complete his 9m-high wooden sculpture of Christ and the adversaries. She was invited by Steiner to be the seventh member of the restructured Anthroposophical Society’s Vorstand at Christmas 1923. On the centenary of her untimely

Bring Your Garden to Life with Biodynamic Compost

  In this workshop you will be taken on a journey of discovery revealing the true nature of the herbal preparations and their benefits to the compost heap, soil, and plants. By using the methods of Goethean science we will study these herbs in a living way and then be

Squaring the Triangle – the Saturn and Moon paths

  A talk by Melvin Jarman exploring Bernard Lievegoed’s ideas on social renewal, organisation development and Anthroposophy Melvin is a chef and forager, a coach and consultant, a researcher and lecturer. He has broad experience of practical and theoretical organisational development with a special interest in integral regenerative approaches and

Karmic Coincidences and Purpose in Life – A workshop with Tom Boydell

  “Until relatively recently I perceived certain incidents that have had a significant effect on my life simply as random happenings, but I am now choosing to see them as purposeful coincidences” Tom Please come with a willingness to consider the possibility of reincarnation and karma, which here refers to

Projective Geometry Workshops with Angela Clark

  Angela, an experienced workshop leader, was a Waldorf school teacher specialising in maths and science. Having sent her children to a Waldorf School, initially offering her services as a science and maths teacher in return for her children’s education, she eventually completed over 30 years’ service in Steiner education.

Borderland Walks – Tickhill

  Vicky Wade leads walks for Sheffield Steiner group members and friends and shares her knowledge of history and the area. All welcome. In each walk you are invited to share your thoughts and impressions. Tickhill is part of an ancient land division which included sheffield. This was known as