Angela, an experienced workshop leader, was a Waldorf school teacher specialising in maths and science. Having sent her children to a Waldorf School, initially offering her services as a science and maths teacher in return for her children’s education, she eventually completed over 30 years’ service in Steiner education.

“Working with projective geometry is a very satisfying and an almost meditative experience. I would like to help others to experience this sense of fulfilment” – Angela

See how the form emerges as the drawing develops. No special aptitude for maths is required. Just follow Angela’s step by step instructions
and witness  creation from the infinite. Bring a compass, ruler, pencil and eraser.


Sheffield Steiner Library @ 78 Cherry Tree Road S11 9AD Fees: £9/£7*

Saturday 18th May at 10.30am – 1.30pm
Saturday 13th July at 10.30am -1.30pm

*£9 Standard, £7 Concessions