What is Anthroposophy?


Anthroposophy is a big thing. It’s essentially impossible to sum it up in a single page, and while most of today’s information is delivered in snappy, comprehensive overviews and sound bites, when moving into the esoteric this becomes less and less possible.

So the question is then asked; “Why bother?”, and there are many answers to this question, but the best in this scenario is simply that the truth (not saying that Anthroposophy is the truth) is a difficult thing to talk about and define, it has many aspects and almost contradictions but simply giving up is not the way. The majority of people flock to easy to understand half-truths, science or religion, this group or that group, red or blue, et cetera.

We are not trying to convert you, but if you read this and take away only one thing that is positive, that effects you on a real level, then that’s good enough for us. If you don’t then the worst that’s happened is you’ve lost a few minutes of your time.

There are lots of things that have been said about Anthroposophy that are simply not true, but to refute allegations is harder than making them, and refuting every single one properly will take a lot of time, and while we are working on this we’re prioritising the positive things first. FYI, we’re not racist, antisemitic, pseudoscientists, or a cult. Each one of these accusations deserves a full page, and we’re working on them. 


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